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  • TinyLegends - Crazy KnightDownload

    TinyLegends - Crazy Knight

    2014-05-20 | 88.6M

    it’s a full-on MONSTER INVASION! CRUSH the invaders with WICKED WEAPONS and CRAZY COMBOS! ★★★★★ On...

  • Home Design: Dream HouseDownload

    Home Design: Dream House

    2015-03-10 | 47.8MB

    ~~~DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME IN BEST POSSIBLE WAY~~~Do you want to build the home of your dream? This i...

  • Wizard & Dragon DefenseDownload

    Wizard & Dragon Defense

    2015-03-10 | 44MB

    Wizard & Dragon Defense mixes RPG, tower-defense, siege, and real time strategy (RTS) mechanics ...

  • Dadi vs JelliesDownload

    Dadi vs Jellies

    2015-03-10 | 18.6MB

    Proudly made with ♥ in India!============Awarded "Game of the Year" at the recently conclu...

  • Tap TitansDownload

    Tap Titans

    2015-03-10 | 39MB

    In a world overrun by evil Titans, it is up to you to slay them and restore peace and order. How do ...

  • Dungeon CrisisDownload

    Dungeon Crisis

    2015-03-10 | 40.6MB

    Combining action with realtime 3D RPG elements, Tower-Defense features and interactive environments ...

  • Cardinal Quest 2Download

    Cardinal Quest 2

    2015-03-10 | 39.1MB

    Explore challenging dungeons! Encounter dangerous enemies as you grow in power and avoid the ever-pr...

  • Romans From MarsDownload

    Romans From Mars

    2015-03-10 | 36.6MB

    You are a Roman soldier, and you and your crossbow are all that stands in the way of the God of War,...

  • Bulu MonsterDownload

    Bulu Monster

    2015-03-10 | 48.3MB

    Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in AndroidMonsters are the main theme of the exciting new a...

  • Pocket Wizard : Magic Fantasy!Download

    Pocket Wizard : Magic Fantasy!

    2015-03-10 | 22.1MB

    Easiest RPG in the world! You will never die!!Killing monsters with magic Earn money and be rich by ...

  • Heroes of Steel RPGDownload

    Heroes of Steel RPG

    2015-03-10 | 47.1MB

    Escape Red Hill Dungeon in the Free Prologue and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy and heroic fanta...

  • Inotia3: Children of CarniaDownload

    Inotia3: Children of Carnia

    2015-03-10 | 20.9MB

    ★★2nd place for the 2011 Best App Ever Awards - RPG Game★Selected as Google Play’s Featured Game of ...

  • Shiva: The Time BenderDownload

    Shiva: The Time Bender

    2015-03-10 | 31.3MB

    *Reviews* 4.8 / 5 : A uniquely action-packed endless run & slash game reverses time! - Android...

  • ShellrazerDownload


    2014-05-21 | 33.1M


  • Elphis AdventureDownload

    Elphis Adventure

    2014-05-21 | 12M

    Colorful time-twisting casual RPG, Elphis Adventure! Enjoy the full story for FREE~ Red Riding Hood...

  • Hero SiegeDownload

    Hero Siege

    2014-05-21 | 43.1M

    NOTE! The game will probably not work on older devices than samsung galaxy s 3. The kingdom of Tare...

  • Terapets Tame Monster creatureDownload

    Terapets Tame Monster creature

    2014-05-21 | 49M

    ★★ Continuation of Terapets,the top Monster game of the World. ★ 305 MUSICAL MONSTERS, 289 TYPES, E...

  • Quest Defense - Tower DefenseDownload

    Quest Defense - Tower Defense

    2014-05-22 | 44M

    Fight the Evil Dragon! Quest Defense Released! Quest defense is Totally new 3D Tower defense(TD) ...

  • Avatar Fight - MMORPG gameDownload

    Avatar Fight - MMORPG game

    2014-05-22 | 40.15M

    Avatar fight is an ingenious multiplayer online game nothing like the other MMORPG games in the app ...

  • Pixel DungeonDownload

    Pixel Dungeon

    2014-05-23 | 2.8M

    Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike(*) game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface. Expl...

  • ReaperDownload


    2014-05-23 | 31M

    Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters! Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemi...

  • Magic Dragon - Monster DragonsDownload

    Magic Dragon - Monster Dragons

    2014-05-23 | 41M

    The best game of Capture Dragons of the world ! Make your team of dragons , battle with them and mak...

  • Superstar Fashion GirlDownload

    Superstar Fashion Girl

    2015-03-10 | 49.2MB

    Work as a virtual singer, dancer, sports celebrity and model in the pursuit of fame! The road to sup...

  • Heart BreakerDownload

    Heart Breaker

    2015-03-10 | 47.2MB

    *Purchase within the application*Unlock Game(All stages after Floor 6 are open):US$ 1.99Three men ha...

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