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  • iOS 9 LauncherDownload

    iOS 9 Launcher

    2014-09-25 | 1.15MB

    Make all your friends and relatives jealous with this brand new iOS launcher. Let them think you got...

  • Tekken TagDownload

    Tekken Tag

    2014-08-18 | 7.26MB

    Tekken Tag Tournament is the fourth main installment in Namco's popular Tekken fighting game series....

  • Potplayer 2017Download

    Potplayer 2017

    2017-01-08 | 19.84MB

    Ultimate Video Player

  • Crash Bandicoot GameDownload

    Crash Bandicoot Game

    2014-08-18 | 1.85MB

    Crash Bandicoot is an American series of platform video games currently owned by Activision. The ser...

  • HERE Map CreatorDownload

    HERE Map Creator

    2017-05-18 | 1.33MB

    HERE Map Creator This app allows you to improve your day to day HERE navigation by providing updat...

  • JazzTubeDownload


    2017-02-16 | 22.91MB

    Jazz brings you JazzTube mobile application which delivers best video streaming experience anywhere,...

  • ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock ScreenDownload

    ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

    2017-03-23 | 7.8MB

    ZUI Locker, the highest rated material design locker, which would make your screen lock unbelievably...

  • Flex - Icon PackDownload

    Flex - Icon Pack

    2015-10-29 | 21118320

    ★ HD icons (192x192) ready for future devices ★ HD wallpapers ★ Launchers support: Action, Adw, Nova...

  • Tigad Pro Icon PackDownload

    Tigad Pro Icon Pack

    2015-12-18 | 33711718

    A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Beautiful choice of color palette, You will simply love th...

  • FlatBox - Icon PackDownload

    FlatBox - Icon Pack

    2015-10-30 | 17804820

    FlatBox is a full skin / icon pack for various launchers. The skin is designed to give your Android ...

  • Switch UI - Icon PackDownload

    Switch UI - Icon Pack

    2015-12-01 | 22470983

    Switch UI. Soft corners embellished by the latest material palette. Switch is a set of beautiful ico...

  • Diwali 2015 Icon Pack-GreetingDownload

    Diwali 2015 Icon Pack-Greeting

    2015-10-29 | 33040629

    This theme is designed to celebrating Diwali Festival in India. Diwali (Deepavali) is \"Festival of ...

  • Focus Marshmallow - Icon PackDownload

    Focus Marshmallow - Icon Pack

    2015-11-03 | 5033164

    FOCUS ICON PACK FEATURES • 150+ HD icons • 10 Wallpapers • Category-based Icons section • Icon requ...

  • Dekk - Icon PackDownload

    Dekk - Icon Pack

    2015-11-12 | 14229176

    Welcome to the dark side. Colorful bands wrap around a dark backplate. Color matching glyphs take ce...

  • Carton - Material Icon PackDownload

    Carton - Material Icon Pack

    2015-12-08 | 11188305

    Carton was born from my desire to experiment with material design and create something new and fresh...

  • Mech-X for Zooper Widget ProDownload

    Mech-X for Zooper Widget Pro

    2015-11-06 | 12855541

    **This is not a standalone application, Zooper Widget Pro must be installed on your device** -Septe...

  • Circlons - Icon PackDownload

    Circlons - Icon Pack

    2015-11-05 | 38147194

    Circlons is a full theme / icon pack for various launchers. These icons are beautifully designed wit...

  • Sunshine Icon Pack (Donation)Download

    Sunshine Icon Pack (Donation)

    2015-11-05 | 22051553


  • Slou - Icon PackDownload

    Slou - Icon Pack

    2015-11-04 | 48591011

    REACHED OVER 3277+ HD ICONS! Slou. This is hands-down, one of the most complete, unique, and purcha...

  • Circulux LWPDownload

    Circulux LWP

    2015-11-04 | 8587837

    The all new redesigned Circulux Pro and free, new vector based render, very low memory usage, 2x imp...

  • Cornie iconsDownload

    Cornie icons

    2015-11-14 | 12624855

    Cornie icons is a Material Design based icons handcrafted with love to make them look unique and bea...

  • Aurora UI Square - Icon PackDownload

    Aurora UI Square - Icon Pack

    2015-11-14 | 18087936

    AURORAUI - Square Edition! created by flat style and the freshness colors, with the addition o...



    2015-12-04 | 20730347

    Welcome to MATERIALISTIK Icon Pack. Your Marshmallow Way MATERIALISTIK is well manually drawn based ...

  • Galaxy PackDownload

    Galaxy Pack

    2015-09-05 | 7319060

    After the discovery of a series of four galaxies: Inferno Galaxy, Ice Galaxy, Shadow Galaxy and Gala...

  • Make Your Clock Widget ProDownload

    Make Your Clock Widget Pro

    2015-05-27 | 2946498

    Make your very own clock widget design. Ultimate solution for your home screen modding. ★★★ Learn m...

  • Tornado 3DDownload

    Tornado 3D

    2015-07-11 | 4320133

    Tornado is one of the most destructive weather events. It\'s mighty power destroys everything it. A...

  • Beautiful Widgets ProDownload

    Beautiful Widgets Pro

    2015-07-28 | 14617149

    Beautiful Widgets is your best companion when personalizing your home screen with widgets. Be unique...

  • Mini ChameleonDownload

    Mini Chameleon

    2015-08-25 | 2401239

    Mini Chameleon is animated and interactive chameleon on your home screen! Mini Chameleon live wallp...

  • Miu - MIUI 7 Style Icon PackDownload

    Miu - MIUI 7 Style Icon Pack

    2016-01-01 | 22135439

    Introducing Miu : it is a MIUI styled icons crafted keeping in mind the main goal: provide a complet...

  • iFont DonateDownload

    iFont Donate

    2015-12-31 | 7214202

    The best Font Installer on Android is Coming back! The app is designed to install beautiful fonts on...

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