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  • Vaping TourDownload

    Vaping Tour

    2016-09-30 | 40.81MB

    Vaping Tour - Fresh Design, Unusual Experiences! Vaping Tour, it's a place that for worldwide vapor ...

  • iCountTimer ProDownload

    iCountTimer Pro

    2015-12-31 | 9699328

    iCountTimer combines the power of timer and counter and wraps it with an elegant interface, making i...

  • VT SuspensionDownload

    VT Suspension

    2015-07-31 | 4959764

    Maximize your workout results with the worlds most downloaded Suspension application! - Be inspired...

  • Runtastic Road Bike PRODownload

    Runtastic Road Bike PRO

    2015-07-29 | 18738053

    Take your road biking and cycling experience one step further with the Runtastic Road Bike PRO app, ...

  • Instant Heart Rate - ProDownload

    Instant Heart Rate - Pro

    2015-11-17 | 3942645

    ★ The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 according to jury of industry experts ...

  • Sleep Cycle alarm clockDownload

    Sleep Cycle alarm clock

    2015-11-26 | 18958254

    Waking up made easy. An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the light...

  • QuitNow! PRO - Stop smokingDownload

    QuitNow! PRO - Stop smoking

    2015-07-13 | 6511656

    If you liked QuitNow!... be PRO for less than the cost of a cigarettes\' pack! - Unlocked health sc...

  • Runtastic Running PRODownload

    Runtastic Running PRO

    2015-11-19 | 35578183

    Take your fitness to a new level with Runtastic PRO: The best fitness & running app tracker on Andro...

  • Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRODownload

    Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO

    2015-06-11 | 15497953

    Get stronger and do more push ups with the Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO app! The Runtastic Push-U...

  • Runtastic Sit-ups & Abs PRODownload

    Runtastic Sit-ups & Abs PRO

    2015-06-11 | 15298723

    Want to strengthen your abs? Eager to get started? Download the Runtastic Sit-Ups Abs Workout PRO ap...

  • VirtualTrainer Resistance BandDownload

    VirtualTrainer Resistance Band

    2015-07-31 | 4959764

    Optimize your results with Virtual Trainer Resistance Band! - Be inspired by 23 Resistance Band exe...

  • BikeComputer ProDownload

    BikeComputer Pro

    2015-11-07 | 10464788

    BikeComputer Pro is by its set of features one of the best apps for cycling. The Pro version extends...

  • 7 Minute Workout ProDownload

    7 Minute Workout Pro

    2015-11-14 | 7203717

    7 Minute workout Pro with no ads. All workouts are free to use. The 7 Minute Workout now supports ...

  • HIIT - interval workout PRODownload

    HIIT - interval workout PRO

    2015-12-18 | 4477419

    Caynax HIIT - High-intensity interval training Have You ever wanted to burn body fat and get perfect...

  • Couch to 5K®Download

    Couch to 5K®

    2015-12-11 | 18433966

    Get off the couch and get running with the OFFICIAL Couch to 5K® training app from! This ...

  • Fit XT Pro (90Droid)Download

    Fit XT Pro (90Droid)

    2015-12-03 | 5452595

    Cyber Monday Special The Best Extreme Fitness Tracker period. (Previously EFT or 90Droid) * Unique ...

  • 21 Day Complete RebootDownload

    21 Day Complete Reboot

    2015-11-24 | 3449815

    Reboot the way to track your 21 Day Programs containers, exercises, and water. Yes Programs! The 21 ...

  • Hydro Coach PRO - drink waterDownload

    Hydro Coach PRO - drink water

    2015-11-21 | 10674503

    Drinking water regularly is a big challenge in day-to-day life. Hands up – who really drinks enough ...

  • Seconds Pro Interval TimerDownload

    Seconds Pro Interval Timer

    2015-12-01 | 2170552

    LOOK NO FURTHER, Seconds Pro Interval Timer is the most advanced interval training timer available f...

  • Fitness Buddy : 1700 ExercisesDownload

    Fitness Buddy : 1700 Exercises

    2015-11-20 | 49188700

    50% OFF!!! GET FITNESS BUDDY for Android NOW! LIMITED INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE. - As seen and recomm...

  • Period Tracker DeluxeDownload

    Period Tracker Deluxe

    2015-11-14 | 14417920

    Period Tracker is the easiest way to track your periods! * Press a button at the start of your perio...

  • Smart Alarm ClockDownload

    Smart Alarm Clock

    2015-05-25 | 16022241

    Sleep well and wake up REFRESHED, forget about undersleeping, insomnia and connected health risks wi...

  • Zumba DanceDownload

    Zumba Dance

    2015-05-05 | 227362734

    Take your Zumba® Fitness workout wherever you go with the revolutionary new motion-based Zumba® Danc...

  • EasyEyesDownload


    2015-06-25 | 400936

    * If you are upgrading from the old version, please follow the instructions here: http://palmerintec...

  • Ref. Guide for Essential OilsDownload

    Ref. Guide for Essential Oils

    2015-10-27 | 10307502

    This convenient app runs on the Android family of phones and tablets. This app combines information...

  • Menstrual Calendar DiaryDownload

    Menstrual Calendar Diary

    2014-07-02 | 1.25MB

    Ladies! Relieve your worries fast and easy menstrual calendar As easy and comfortable as a woman's m...

  • Diet Diary ( Diet Calendar )Download

    Diet Diary ( Diet Calendar )

    2014-07-02 | 1.26MB

    Complex and difficult diet diary now! Easy, convenient, and fast, you can write a diet diary. Calend...

  • DIGI Alarm ClockDownload

    DIGI Alarm Clock

    2014-07-02 | 3.26MB

    Simple and elegant alarm clock application with perfectly customizable digital widgets. DIGI Alarm C...

  • Effective Weight Loss GuideDownload

    Effective Weight Loss Guide

    2014-07-02 | 3.87MB

    Are you planning for weight loss and searching for weight loss tips...? This Application provides...

  • Khana Khazana KitchenDownload

    Khana Khazana Kitchen

    2014-07-02 | 1000KB

    Khana Khazana is about Pakistani and Indian Recipes and videos, food and cooking techniques, day to ...

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